Technology Companies to Team Up and Create a New Content Protection Technology

Panasonic, ScanDisk, Toshiba, Samsung Electronics and Sony are planning to collaborate on a project that will see them create a new technology that will be able to protect content on flash memory cards. This has been temporarily named the ‘Next Generation Secure Memory Initiative‘ and will work for SD cards as well as various other storage devices. They will be developing the type of security that is compatible with HD and that can be used to secure devices with embedded memory such as tablets and smartphones.

Thus, the HD content will be protected through the use of the technologies that this initiative is going to develop. This technology includes a new ID technology that can be used for flash memory as well as robust copy protection. It will be based on public key infrastructure and those interested in this type of security should look into it when they have some free time between playing partypoker and going to work. The developments that this new technology will enable are set to be really valuable to its users. They will be able use many different HD content applications, including the HD network download and broadcasting content to go.

This means that users will be able to enjoy their HD content with a large variety of different devices. These devices range from Android-based smartphones and tablets to Blu-ray products and TVs. This should be a good development for users, as Panasonic Corporate CTO Yoshiyuki Miyabe have said that Panasonic are very innovative and strive to give their customers the best possible content viewing experience. Customers will now get to watch premier content on their smartphones and tablets, so that great looking movies will never be far away. This should be a very exciting development for the technology world.