“So, what are they paying you?”

Just about every 18-24 months, I head down to Virginia Tech and speak to their RPM (Residential Property Management) students. It’s a labor of love. And it’s not easy. I’m used to adult learners who are *engaged* in what I have to say. Some of these students are more interested in texting and other things, so I’ve got to work hard to keep their attention.

I usually fly in, in time to speak at an evening event. Then the next morning I speak to at least two, if not three classes or groups. And I can’t tell you what a wonderful, challenging and fulfilling experience it is.

And it never fails…every time I ready myself to head to Tech, invariably I speak to an industry colleague who asks me the same question: “So, what are they paying you?” My answer – the same every year since I’ve been doing this – “Nothing”. I wouldn’t dream of charging them.
The responses I get are generally like this:

“I’d never do that.”
“They’d have to pay me to do that.”
“You’re nuts.”

Etc., etc., etc.

I strongly believe in giving back to your industry – the industry that pays you the other days of the year. I also present two seminars per year for my local association at no charge. Why? Because I *love* my association. (Plus, Judy Roettig is simply amazing!)

Speaking for groups like this for free is a wonderful thing. But clearly, it’s not for everyone. I urge you to find some way to ‘give back’ to our industry through your talents. Find an outlet – we definitely need your skills, energy and time!

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