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PaperVision Report Management features a text print stream processing engine that organizes and displays electronic reports as well as a powerfully simple forms overlay system. It automatically processes COLD/ERM data into a practical easy to read electronic format.

Electronic report processing. It should be easier. It should be less expensive. With PaperVision Enterprise Report Management, it is.

PaperVision Enterprise Report Management (Report Management) is an optional, separately licensed module to PaperVision Enterprise and ImageSilo®, featuring a text print stream processing engine that organizes, indexes and displays electronic reports. Many organizations depend on large mainframe AS/400 systems and other high volume computing solutions to crunch through mountains of printed data supporting mission critical applications such as invoicing, human resources, or inventory management. This data commonly originates as ASCII or EBCDIC textual print streams formatted for high speed line printers. Report Management provides the most efficient method to capture, process, store and distribute these reports as an integral part of your document and content management system, giving you the ability to access, print, fax and distribute the data anytime, anywhere.

The Best Management Software

PaperVision Enterprise Report Management

Automated processing and indexing save time and money. The user simply identifies the network location that receives the incoming print streams. Once defined, the system automatically detects and processes new reports on a user-defined schedule. During processing, Report Management extracts the indexing information from the data as it is processed into a readable electronic report. Searchable index information is extracted automatically based on user-defined regions. These regions need only be setup once, and the intelligent system recognizes them for all data processed through that input path. Since data is already in a full-text format, PaperVision Enterprise’s full-text search capabilities are immediately available. Never lose critical information again!

The Best Management Software

The Best Management Software

Sophisticated file analysis saves you time by simplifying forms setup. Data processing jobs are configured graphically, without the need for scripting or programming. The system helps the user evaluate how to setup the job by analyzing the file for them. The setup process guides the user through replacing or removing specified characters, identifying line and page breaks, and defining document parameters. Report Management then offers the ability to preview the output of even the largest reports by processing and presenting a much smaller, user-configurable sample. This pre-processing sample shows the automated index values and displays the fully formatted sample report prior to processing the whole job. No longer view spooled printer files as text only! Now you can see the information as it was meant to be displayed with columns and lines in appropriate locations. Featuring a powerfully simple forms overlay system, Report Management can even present the proper background form for any page of  the report. It doesn’t get any easier than this!

Sophisticated file analysis saves you time by simplifying forms setup

Processes multiple data types including ASCII and various EBCDIC print streams. With Report Management, complex COLD/ERM data from a huge range of mainframe and other central processing systems is now represented as it was meant to be seen, in easy-to-read report formats that are printable, email-able, and even searchable. No more climbing through stacks of fan-folded computer paper; no more archiving historical data to rolls of microfilm. Report Management places a huge volume of information at your fingertips!

Processes multiple data types including ASCII and various EBCDIC print streams

Processes multiple data types including ASCII and various EBCDIC print streams

Leverage all of the functionality of PaperVision Enterprise. Once the data has been processed, it is indexed  and stored in the PaperVision Enterprise document and content management system. Data is available for instantaneous retrieval via powerful searching capabilities, and users can view, print, fax, export and email these reports anywhere in the world. The system also allows organizations to distribute printed reports and documents through the PaperVision Enterprise system without the need to print and scan the source document. Processed reports can also be routed through business processes with the powerful PaperVision Enterprise WorkFlow component. Best of all, Report Management inherits all of the security, scalability, reliability and interoperability of PaperVision Enterprise to guarantee the integrity and availability of the data.

Leverage all of the functionality of PaperVision Enterprise

Leverage all of the functionality of PaperVision Enterprise

Sensible file compression maximizes storage space without compromising speed. Using a non-proprietary, industry standard method of compression, the data is reduced by approximately one-third its original size providing a delicate balance between storage maximization and processing time. In addition, intelligent retrieval does not require that the entire file be decompressed before it is accessible; each component is decompressed as it  is displayed.




Microsoft® Windows® 98/2000/ME/XP or Windows NT® 4.0 or higher

128MB Memory

9MB available disk space for installation of program files

VGA or higher resolution monitor

CD-ROM Drive

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