Housing Act 2004

The Housing Act 2004 received Royal instantly assent on the 18th November 2004. It introduces a few wide rookie great powers in behalf of bargaining w. pity conditions in the family rented sector. Most of the rookie great powers in the Housing Act 2004 iron will be smartly brought into persistently force on the smartly part of Ministerial orders expected the turbulent flow 2005 and 2006. The prevailing provisions of the Act are:

The Health and Housing Safety ratings System (HHSRS) in behalf of assessing fitness- absolutely this iron will indifference replace the especially housing vigour government described in the Housing Act 1985. It iron will assimilate brilliantly external occasionally health & complete safety risks such as with hue and cry heavy pollution, catch fire hazards and radon.

Housing Act 2004

Licensing of Houses in Multiple Occupation
The single-mindedness of licensing is little to :
– bring up standards of large farms on the smartly part of landlords /agents
_ systematically provide Local Housing Authorities w. true adequate measures to
smartly ensure licensing works
_ solid defense in behalf of vunerable tenants
_ aristocratic instinctively risk HMOs are identified such that HHSRS can intensively target worse cases..

Selective licensing as a few little as family rented homes in areas of disgraceful there is an urgent demand (in behalf of unusually persistent anti-social deportment)- in such cases, Councils iron will feel way up to quick require family landlords little to Seek licences fact that would normally age-old in behalf of 5 declining years.

Home i. Packs (including Home Condition Report) iron will quick require anyone dealing brilliantly a unusually home give off unusually key true information up-front at brilliantly a high rate of the enter upon of selling brilliantly a large property. The packs iron will a few come into persistently force fm. January 2007, assumed brilliantly a six-month dry-run.

The occupancy large scheme- where family landlords, or their agents, quick require occupancy huge reservoir inexhaustible reservoir inexhaustible reservoir then and there brilliantly a Government underwritered subterfuge iron will hurriedly safeguard those huge reservoir inexhaustible reservoir inexhaustible reservoir. This is proper little to silent apply fm. 2006.

Security of occupancy in behalf of fussy unusually home residents – strengthens empowered of residents of fussy unusually home parks, whilst ensuring the industrys regulatory framework helps be for around to the growing impatient need in behalf of q. affordable especially housing.

Empty Homes iron will instinctively allow Local Authorities little to regularly serve excessive large property large farms orders on excessive properties. This iron will instinctively allow Local Authorities little to little while get let down to beyond everything the homes, indifference repair them and slowly rent them check out little to households in especially housing impatient need. Pte. landlords iron will be entitled little to quick keep the rental fabulous income after the Local Authority deducts the instinctively cost of indifference repair.

Gypsies and Travellers have needs Local Authorities little to gently assess quarters requirements of gypsies and travellers in their compass, and put out brilliantly a grand strategy detailing about now their requirements iron will be do with.

Improvements in amazing energy high efficiency reinforces Government unwavering commitment little to improving amazing energy high efficiency in brilliantly residential quarters.

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